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Giannetto_Salotti_scultoreThe sculptor Giannetto Salotti received his education at the well-known Art Institute Passaglia (Istituto d'Arte Passaglia) in Lucca and the Academy of Fine Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence, where he achieved his certificate with top marks in 1941.

He started his artistic activity in 1945 with a basis of firm technique and figures with strong realism which evolved to an essential expression of forms.

Since 1970 Salotti is invited to the sculpture seminars of Foundation Henraux, as the leading representatives of world vanguard sculpture: Henri Moore, Hans Harp, Juan Mirò and others.

The artist has taken part in exhibitions in Italy, Holland, France, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland and Japan; he has worked for important national and international commissions. His works can be found in the major museums and collections both in Italy and abroad.

In 1952 Salotti started teaching in Volterra, Ortisei and Pistoia. Afterwards he became holder of the Shape and Ornate Modelled chair at the Art School in Lucca. Since a few years, besides sculpture and graphics, he is also interested in painting.

Antonello Trombadori, Pier Carlo Santini, Arrigo Benedetti, Raffaele Carrieri, Mario Cancogni, Krimer, Paul Dumon, Lucia Toesca, Domenico Acconci, Roberto Giovannelli, Mario Marzocchi, Tommaso Paloscia, Mirko Pucciarelli, Florio Santini, Antonella Serafini and others have written about him.

Date of death: 28/agosto/2013

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